Hindva believes that there should be balance between what we take from the community and what we give to community. Therefore, we have given top priority to all round development of our stakeholders and community in which we operate. Hindva’s CSR activities is integrated into core business strategy and philanthropy.

Hindva has always viewed its people as greatest asset and as part of skill transfer Hindva every year organises inter group cricket tournament. Apart from this in the community to save River Tapi of Surat city Hindva is active participant in marathon popularly known as “Run for Tapi” a beginning and email endeavour to save the holy river.

Hindva in the community as part of CSR promotes “U Turn” an initiative by Surat Police & Surat Municipal Corporation to bring back the streets to our people where children’s, Students, Young people, parents and people from all the age Come...play, exercise, enjoy and have fun on the street of Surat city. Hindva takes care of not only it employee but their family too Hindva Understands the value of family and has ventured in Education and regularly give donation to various charitable organisations to construct school and infrastructure and sponsor a child education. Hindva also takes care of their stakeholders by sponsoring and donating in various Health camps that are organised. Hindva’s promoter has also donated in creating 500 Bed multi-speciality hospital namely Kiran Hospital managed by Samast Patidar Samaj Trust.

Apart from the above the promoter of the group does various philanthropic activities time to time on their personal level. Hindva ensures that stakeholders maintain the perfect work-life balance to create an atmosphere of celebration and joy in the core & crust of the firm.